Girls_Don't_Fly_1A group of young Ghanaian women stand in straight military formation, their names replaced with numbers, while a bullish teacher shouts demands. Welcome to the Aviation and Technology Academy, a training school that specializes in teaching young women how to fly and maintain light aircraft—and offering an escape from the traditional roles available to women in the country. But just beneath the surface, a tension is bubbling up as their chauvinistic British teacher becomes increasingly unhinged, his treatment resonating like an echo of colonialism. Boasting international media attention, this charity runs like a military boot camp, pushing the girls closer to the edge until they are all but forced into a confrontation. In this truly rare documentary, director Monika Grassl captures something few films are able to: a spontaneous political awakening. Eli Horwatt


Director(s): Monika Grassl
Producer(s): Arek Gielnik
Ralph Wieser
Executive Producer(s): Benjamin Cölle
Editor(s): Sven Kulik
Writer(s): Monika Grassl
Cinematographer(s): Petra Lisson
Julia Hoenemann
Composer(s): David Rich
Sound: Monika Grassl
Esther Fatimatu Mohammed, Patricia Mawuli Porter
Esther Fatimatu Mohammed, Patricia Mawuli Porter


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