Got awaken by the sweat all over my white inner shirt and around my shoulders, and the first thing I asked myself is what happened, only to realize ECG was at their best this dawn which has led to me sweating so profusely because I hardly do sweat.

Bored but do I have a choice? No, just took off my shirt lay down in bed and tried to hit wonderland. And yes what better to be on my mind than the visit I planned on embarking in the morning to my old friend I just saw physically in about five days ago. That visit will be another day to talk about ‘sweet’ that’s all I will say about it.

So off I was to sleep some more hoping to feed my soul during the day. Shhhhh stop thinking for me.

Soon it was around 6am I think and as I do naturally I woke up, lights still not in yet and mum was also up my shinning angel in glorious armour. It’s at this time that I remembered my new friend said no when I proposed of coming over again. Hmmmm, but I plan on convincing her some more. She just kind of spoilt headed sometimes but well the body craves for her though.

Then straight to my phone and there was the whatsapp message from her saying good morning, I gave that smile of victory. The lights are in now what a relief. So I hit on her again that I want to come over because already I have scripted in my head how I expect the visit to be or go like. All I hate is the journey to her house.

We were at it for like four hours before finally being given permission to come over, I don’t get it she sounds like she wants me over but just playing so it sounds she isn’t cheap sort of. Well off I go to get ready, my clothes already ironed.

I tried my possible best to get those juicy thoughts out of my mind, as I took my bath and got ready to leave home. Ermm the Armani boxer do looks good on me will be fun having it pulled down. The last I saw it ermmm, straight went in search for it. My room is a typical boy’s room mostly scattered and I don’t live by that ideology that when a lady is coming around I need to tidy up ma room. Because no lady will be coming whiles I haven’t moved out yet. But I tidy at my own timing.

Found it where I last saw it though, I mean the boxers; so on it goes to cover those beautiful jewels I have. Then I stand a while in front of the mirror admiring myself then held the jewels for a while. I smile as I finished dressing and off I go. Hmmm, destination far but when the body is yearning hahhahhahha so here we go.

Seriously wish I could just get a cab to drive straight there. Transiting at the ever famous Kwame Nkrumah Circle now under construction. So at 12:30 I was at the gate. Could hear her asking the house help to check if I was at the gate, I had whatsapp her am there. I walked in and there she sat in the porch, comfortable seated cross legged as if she owns her dads house.

So are we going to just seat here? I asked myself in my head. Hmmm, do you have movies on your laptop? Well I brought my laptop along, well if that’s the line to take us to her bedroom cool deal. Am game, with a smile I said yes, what do you want to watch I asked, as if I had the whole world’s movie on my laptop. So off we went movie watching in the bedroom. I will need some fresh air though from the fan after all this heat. Inside the room hmmm, to my outmost surprised there was a condom lying below the very edge of her bed, well I pretended not to see as I passed by very quickly so she doesn’t feel embarrassed. But the condom was dry I think, eeiii what was it for, the self acclaimed virgin with a condom paa lying around loose like that. The house help too is a young boy hahhahaha will for now pretend I didn’t see. No need coming to ask for questions. As I pretended to be having a hard time bringing out the laptop she quickly whisked the condom away and I pretended not to know.

My shirt came flying off with the excuse of cooling off, and then my laptop then she got back from the condom disposal. Do you have local movies? No I said lots of black American ones and some action. Oh I have a Nigerian series TINSEL that’s local too. Nice would love to watch that she said, I watched one of the episodes on TV this past weekend. So soon laptop on bed we both lay down to watch, I have already watched all of TINSEL so I need not concentrate. All I have to do is hold on for a while for her to finish at least 2 episodes then action hahhahahahha.

Well two episodes I was able to wait although in-between the episodes my hands were all over places igniting passions and pleasures of the body. After the second episode I went straight to work, as she seductively complained that am stopping her from watching the series yet she held me tighter than ever. So after like 40 minutes at it there was a knock on the door, geez who else will it be than the house help. After the house boy knock now the door is fully locked with key.

Climaxing was great she came first, with all those body vibrations just watched on like a proud daddy. Not that I am so good at it, but hey it’s an art not an act no hard work its creativity. Done and tired, relieved now we can fully finish the rest of the episodes whiles I wait for food to be served.

She went out to check on the food, I fell back on the bed naked just out of my mind. She soon walked in with such vim I had to wake up cos I was naked and who knows if it’s the house boy. Loool So I just put on the boxer after that.

Soon she returns with my food, jollof. She seats by me and goes through my phone eiiii trouble ooo; I ate the food yet had my eyes on her and my Phone. Then I heard her shout, eiii you know this girl. Then I was like whom? With that innocent face started framing up answers for bombarding questions. Then she showed me the picture and it wasn’t even any one I knew, just a picture I took from a group chat, showed her the chat and all that to redeem my self.

I ate all the food while she went through my phone. Even from now on am about deleting pictures because you always have to explain were you know this or that. And it helps keep security tighter. After the food was done, I was like cool this time I have no bad thought. You know am a good guy please am just human.

Soon the food got me drowsy. I was hitting wonderland soon, she was enjoying the series. She kept asking if I was sleeping kept saying am watching with her.

Soon I was woken by the sound of the door opening. I lay down waiting for her to bring the food as I pretend to be still asleep. Soon she was in with the food, could hear her loudly walking in. Yet pretending to be still sleeping, she came trying to pull off my shirt. And as the good actor I was pretended to be fast asleep. She tried raising me up.

The food I couldn’t eat that much was full from the lunch, ok now I started getting dressed up to leave. She was done with watching TINSEL. So off I packed my stuff, when I will see her again or have a great time I can’t predict so not even going to give it a thought, wont wish for this to be the last but hey life is unpredictable.

I got home quite tired, mum was waiting for her angelic son to be home, home I was but what I went doing in town, promise to keep it a secret between me and you. But mum doesn’t over trust me, she is fast wai, all she will say is feel free. Hahahhahaha had the mum and son moment we always do have before sleep then off she went to sleep, we did chat for a while and dream land I did hit soon.

My mind is at rest now since body is satisfied.


Twitter: @holyholyray


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