ike quarteyFormer WBA Welterweight Champion, Ike Bazooka Quartey says Boxing in Ghana can be revived under his tutelage if he is appointed by government to lead Amateur boxing in the country.

Quartey is of the view that his track record and pedigree as a former world champion makes him an obvious choice for the position.

The Amateur Federation will go to the polls to elect new executives to steer the affairs of the federation on April 18, this year.

But Bazooka says he is the best man to lead the Amateur Federation and not the aspirants vying for the post.

“Those going for the elections don’t know boxing, they have no idea what Amateur boxing in Ghana is; if they want to revive boxing in this country, it can’t be them,” Bazooka told Sportscrusader.com.

“We need somebody like me to revive boxing in this country, I have been there, I have fought tough opponents, amateur boxing made me and made me a world class boxer, reviving of boxing in this country is all about amateur and you will need somebody like me to help.


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