Written by: Frank Kwasi Oku-Botchwey

I feel sad for Nana Appiah Mensah coz it can happen to any one of us young upcoming wishing dreaming entrepreneurs trying to solve our country’s’ problem in our different but innovative ways. A young man having to work his ass off to pay rents, salaries, lawyers, office utilities and many more others just to make his business thrive and grow is no joke at all. You wake everyday like you’re on a battlefield and yet when you blow up all what people will say is “you’re Illuminati, cultist, blood money, drug trafficker, human trafficker, fraudster and many more NOBODY recognizes the hard work, sweat, blood, tears, sleepless nights, confusion, relationship breakups, friends lost, happy times and all you have been through just to make your dream come through.

I don’t blame Nana Appiah Mensah because every business man around the globe tries to beat the system and maximize profit. Business is a game and money is just the score card. Every made man plays the same game but in Ghana we kill our own for trying to win the game and celebrate foreigners for cheating us. Menzgold tried to beat the system and failed just like everybody does in a life time but it never means they are failures or fraudsters.

When you read about Rockefeller, Carnegie, Ford, and many other ancient and modern American business men you know they were not 100% clean legitimate business men they tried to beat the system at a point. In fact my very own Trump bragged about how he beat the American Tax system during his elections.

We all live in this country when western and Chinese companies take billions of dollars from us and our government through innovative and smart ways and yet we keep mute about it. We save with Banks like Barclays whose founders sold, killed and tortured our fathers as slaves and we keep mute about it and when one person finds a way to make things change we call him all sort of

names. We disgrace him and tear him apart.

Let’s not kill Menzgold by calling it names but rather figure out ways to make it better and support it. To my best of knowledge NO Ghanaian company has gone viral and international like most western firms have and if Menzgold wants to do that, let’s support it. It’s not wrong to positively criticize but it’s terrible to kill it… #NAM #menzgold


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