About The Designer

Akua Serwaa-Sarfo (born 1 June 1988) is a Ghanaian-born aspiring fashion designer, producing apparel for both women and accessories for men. She is a full-time student at the University of Ottawa. Although Serwaa enjoys Public health and charity work, her true passion has always been in fashion. She took an interest in fashion at a very young age and began designing outfits for her dolls as well as herself. Her friends realized that they can’t let this talent go unnoticed so for her 21st birthday they chipped in and got her a sewing machine. In about a month time Serwaa taught herself how to sew. She designed and sews every piece of IyZaiah’s collections.

About IyZaiah

My line represents a channel for my expression of life; being the best YOU, you can be but never forgetting where you come from. IyZaiah epitomizes sophisticated fashion forward couture fusing African culture with contemporary flare,said Serwaa.

The name IyZaiah, meaning the Lord helps me, has been one that has always been close to the designers heart. It is the name she wants to give her first son therefore the line is named after him.

Serwaa is a huge supporter of independent women who are strong, confident and proud of their heritage. Her designs represent the way in which she views women. Sophisticated! IyZaiah for women is designed to enhance the natural beauty of a woman while pushing the limits of African fashion.


In October 2009, IyZaiah debut their first collection, An Ode to Africa, at Carleton University’s Akwaaba Showcase.

In February 2010, IyZaiah had a fashion show at the Carleton University Black History Month Show.

In October 2010, IyZaiah released its new collection, The Gold Coast Collection, at Nigeria’s Independence Day Celebration.

What the Future Holds

There is a lot in store for the future. Serwaa is currently working on her 3nd collection, which is set to debut in November 2010

In Spring 2011, IyZaiah will launch the men’s collection so please look out for that.

IyZaiah shoe collection will also debut in Spring 2011 along with the men’s collection

Contact Information:

Website: www.iyzaiah.com

The Gold Coast Collection Description

IyZaiah has released its second women’s collection called The Gold Coast Collection. This collection is dedicated to the beautiful and diverse personalities in the country of Ghana, where the designer was born and raised. This collection comprises of 12 pieces; 6 cocktail dresses and 6 gowns. The pieces in this collection are very diverse, just like the characters of those in Ghana. The pieces  range from, serene and mellow gowns, to punk-like cocktail dresses, to girly embellished dresses to bold backless gowns. In every ntoma piece used for this collection, there are intricate traces of gold in it, which symbolizes the richness of these personalities.

(Below are pictures of this collection)


  1. keep up the great work, its clear that your future is going to be great, this is just the start of an icon in the making!


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