96122465Ghanaian community in France have urged this year’s presidential candidates to consider making the diaspora a focus in the development of the nation.

Their request which was put in the form of the letter titled “A Letter To Ghana’s Presidential Candidates” is as below:

Dear Presidential Candidate,

We deem it a privilege to have this opportunity to forward to your outfit this petition of global Ghanaian interest.

Sir/Madam, we esteem that the Ghanaian diaspora has not been given enough recognition for a long time, especially in matters that circulate the political terrain in Ghana; even though Governments and the diasporans have made several efforts to avert the situation.

Through this petition, OGHA, the Organisation of Ghanaians Abroad is seeking the implementation of Ghana’s Diasporas’ voting rights and a proper mutual beneficial integration of the pool of Talented, Skilled and Patriotic Ghanaian generations lost to Foreign Lands.

The year 2002 marked the emergence of Ghanaian diasporans in national affairs when the dual citizenship act was passed. In February 2006, Ghana passed the Representation of the People`s Amendment Law (ROPAL) extending voting rights to Ghanaians living outside the country. This was a giant step to enhance the nation’s democratic credentials and its diasporans’ commitment.

Today, the world has become a global competitive village and we in the diaspora have become key strategic agents of development. We esteem that the implementation of ROPAL will bridge the political gap between the diaspora and our homeland Ghana.

Over the past few years the only diaspora phase which seems to have been acknowledged is the financial remittances that the diasporans transfer to the country. We are emphasizing that the diaspora upon the implementation of ROPAL could contribute to democratic governance in the same way as we are currently contributing to the economic welfare of Ghana through our remittances and numerous homeland projects. The Ghanaian Diaspora cares about Ghana, just as we care about ourselves and the well being of Ghanaians.

Challenges are paramount, however, we believe Ghana is matured enough to shoulder the expected challenges and those of us in the diaspora are ready to contribute our quota.

The result of these objectives when achieved and effected shall glaringly enhance the legitimacy of the democratic process of Ghana and annex its diaspora as the 11th region of Ghana.

To this end, we are petitioning all Presidential Candidates to include in their projects the creation of a Ministry of Ghanaians Abroad manned by Ghanaians in the Diaspora. ”The diaspora today has become the key strategic agent making the nexus between migration and development, a reality. Without their strategic intervention, the crystallisation of nexus between the two fields would not be possible” -Mr. Awil. This quotation says it all.

We the Ghanaian Diaspora, have become the nation’s greatest offshore asset and Ghana needs to harness our full participation in the nation’s building process. The wish of many Ghanaians in the diaspora is that Government pays heed to this call, not only to make our dream to vote in elections materialize, but also to review the commitment, Government needs to attach to the great pool of Talented, Skilled and Patriotic Ghanaian generations lost to Foreign lands. Ghana cannot afford to lose these rich human resources for its development.

We stand behind our unflinching patriotism and hope to obtain satisfaction from your good office.

Signed for :
OGHA, Organisation of Ghanaians Abroad,
FEGHADE, the Federation of Ghanaian Diaspora in Europe and

GHACIF the Ghanaian Community in France Council.


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