The Me FiRi GHANA clothing aims to showcase to the world part of the Ghanaian culture by allowing individuals to customise their clothing to express themselves in their own fresh and funky way.

logoClothing is customised to provide YOU with the ability to print YOUR traditional name at the back of YOUR tops, with one of the Adinkra Symbols (e.g. Gye Nyame).

We are NOT just trying to jump on the self-made-clothing ban wagon; this is more than a clothing line…

The aim is to not only make individuals look stylish and unique, but to also educate and showcase to the world that we Ghanaian’s are more than what people stereotype us to be. We are unique individuals with deep rooted culture… hence the customised clothing

So whether for an event, a fashion show, or general wear, the idea is to make YOU feel proud of YOUR country, to REPRESENT YOUR Culture, to REPRESENT YOURSELVES and to let people know who YOU are and where YOUR from



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