Born to Ghanaian parents in the early 70’s first generation Ghanaian- American raised in the Bronx, also known as birth place of Hip-Hop. I would like to introduce to you one of NYC premier executive producer, Felix Sarpong aka ‘Phil Black’ C.E.O of Victory Entertainment International. Phil Black is best portrayed by many as a great teacher, mentor, motivator, a promising leader and champion for the African youth.

Victory Entertainment International is the newest label emerging to the scenes which aims to bring you everything from the best of Hip-life, High-life, R&B, Hip-Hop and the best in Ghanaian music.

“The opportunity to bring the talents of Ghanaian musicians to the public through new recordings, impeccably produced and engineered, has always been an exciting concept for me”, he said.

The emphasis of Victory Entertainment International is on releasing new and exciting materials and to break new acts whilst continuing to work with the already established artistes.

2010 has seen Victory Entertainment International arrive with a hugely successful promotion for T-Wizzle. More promotions are being organized for early 2011 and these will include mainstream artistes.

“T-Wizzle is presently shaking Ghana with his smash hit singles; ‘Swagger Up’, ‘Wukele (Remix)’ and ‘Akum Baby (Remix)’ which is available for download. I am very proud to work with T-Wizzle. He has great energy, hardworking and very passionate about his music.” “Above all humble and open minded and takes advice well, that’s priceless.” “Once, again it a great honor to work with T-Wizzle, he definitely has a bright future ahead of him”, he said proudly of his newly signed artiste, T-Wizzle.

Phil Black will like to spread his entrepreneurial wings. “I have the passion to uplift Ghanaian music worldwide and we are currently in talks with D-Black and other Gh artiste(s)”, he said. .”  Also, on behalf of Victory Entertainment International, Phil Black thanks all the radio stations for playing our songs and the media companies for showing love.” It really means a lot to me because I believe that hard work shouldn’t go in vain, we need to support all our artiste(s) ”, says Phil.

A major launch for the label is set for next for Ghana and USA.


  1. Love this article and love what Mr. Phil Black is doing for the people back home as well as year. It is also important to know that although he has a passion for music his love also lies in giving back to his community through his non-profit organization Youth Icons.
    We definitely need more ghanaians and africans at that that are not only supporting each other but giving back and helping to raise our youth!
    Excellent article!! and keep bringing us great artists!


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