gmart_flyer [Desktop Resolution]Ghanamart Inc. introduces the new and easy means for Ghanaians living abroad to supplement the needs of families and loved ones back home through the use of e-commerce technology. E-commerce has over the past decade emerged as the new way to do business but due to some structural challenges the phenomenon has not quite taken off yet in Ghana and most African countries. Ghanamart provides a medium that embraces these peculiar challenges and provides solutions to a smooth e-transaction. It aims at becoming a one-stop shopping e-commerce website for people seeking to buy goods and services for family. Patrons just log on to the website, and complete their transactions.

Currently, Ghanamart is offering cellphone units for most major networks in Ghana. With Ghanamart, once the sale is complete the recipient’s phone is automatically credited. This means there is no need for entering pin numbers before units are loaded, is the only website that does the units transfer automatically in a transactional way. Customers don’t have to prepay on an account before using the service, payment is only made at time of purchase.  Ghanamart differentiates itself by offering exceptional and outstanding customer service, making the experience easy, yet secure, reliable and efficient. It also has a dedicated toll free customer service line for US and Canada customers, and a UK support line for customers in Europe.

The service is not a replacement for traditional money remittance services, rather a supplement to it. Patrons can spend under $5 to transfer phone units to friends, family and loved ones. This is particularly handy for surprises during events such as birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day etc. The service makes it easy to use credit cards on the website through the use of high level encryption technology. Added to the advantage of Ghanamart is the ability to use a credit card without paying any cash advance fee, which is the case when credit cards are used to remit money.

Ghanamart is in the process of adding and offering more services which will includes the ability to pay utility bills, buy prescription and other pharmaceutical products, buy building materials etc.


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