March 13th to April 14th

The Osu Children’s Home is an orphanage located in the downtown Osu area of Accra Ghana. This orphanage is home, school and life to approximately 280 children ranging from ages 0 to 23. There are approximately 200 boys and 80 girls residing in the compound consisting of 5 units. Unfortunately, the children residing here are victims of abuse and abandonment. The facility strives to provide primary education, shelter, food and recreational activities, however funding for the organization is scarce and does not support the ever growing population. To give you a little summary, the Ghanaian government provides funding and space for only 150 children but almost DOUBLE live off of the funding and use the space!! Please keep this in mind when you go through your closet!! Imagine, living off  half a shirt, half a book, half a meal and half a bed. We here in Canada are so fortunate to have government support and an abundance of opportunities when living below or at poverty line.

On March 13th to April 13th, please donate your used clothing to a good cause.

These are the types of things you can donate:
1. CLOTHES!!! please keep in mind that the clothes don’t necessarily have to be BRAND new or in mint condition.. but it has to be wear-able and preferably pre washed..
2. if you have children’s books or school supplies or recreational supplies (jump ropes, chalk, soccer balls etc) your welcomed to drop them off as well
3. Infant supplies *** this section we are looking for items that are brand new, or unused please, for infection control purposes the only exception will be washed blankets, clothing and socks etc.

Locations to Drop off Clothing

Nappy’s Hair Shoppe
23 Dundas Street East, Mississauga, ON L5A 1V9
Telephone : 905-949-6787

Afrocan Heritage
70 Devon Road, Brampton, ON L6T 5K7
Telephone : 905-458-5004

Dr. Sterling’s Dental Office
10059 Bramalea, Brampton, ON L6R 1A1
Telephone : 905-792-2221

Ratina’s Textiles
(Jane & Lawrence)
1716 Jane Street, York, ON M9N 2S4
Telephone : 416-241-0998

Ryerson University
Pitman Hall: 160 Mutual St. (Drop off boxes will be In the Cafeteria)
Daphne Cockwell School of Nursing: 350 Victoria St. (Drop-off boxes will be Outside of POD 474C)

York University
(Keele Campus) Drop off boxes will be located In Student Centre Rm 421
4700 Keele St

George Brown College
(St. James Campus) Drop-off boxes will be located Outside of Student Centre Rm 147
200 King Street East.

Humber College
(Humber North Campus) Drop-off boxes will be located outside of the HSF Office and across from Java Jazz near the HSF Promotions Booth
203 Humber College Blvd.

Centennial College
(Progress Campus) Drop-off boxes will be located right outside CCSAI office
941 Progress Ave.

PICK UP ARRANGEMENTS CAN BE MADE AS WELL, Please contact BIANCA at 647 966 5530 or email

For more information, please visit
United 08

Or Contact Bianca Bempong
647 966 5530




  1. I’m very impressed with this work. Keep up all the good work to inspire others. There need to be a change in the Ghanaian youth.

    Let us know of any needed assistance.


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