jay11The ladies call him A.J…his stage name KWABENA JAY…On the streets, he’s known as Maphia….Can’t say it enough but this is the newest and hottest sensation to hit the music industry.

Very few people make waves both in front and behind the scenes. The recent trend to hiplife tunes prove what visionaries like the godfather Reggie Rockstone said about how dynamic this genre was going to be.

Listening to Quabena Jay popularly known in showbiz circles as Maphia spit out his lyrics will make you fall in love with hiplife music for the first time in your life.
Quabena Jay (Maphia) is one of the best individual singing rappers of all time since he kicked in the door of the hiplife scene. Definitely by now, you’ve seen or heard ‘Akokora Bone’ on TV or Radio. Everywhere you go be it the pool side, club, gas station or school, they are talking about Quabena Jay or politics.

Things seem to come easy to the biggest, hottest and sexy new sensation in Ghana the last couple of years. I will admit that where the list of lyrical MC’s is debated, his name is somewhere near the top.

To many, Quabena Jay represents the hope for hiplife and he’s not been afraid to bear this title.
Quabena Jay has always made music for party people. Watching ‘Akokora Bone’ tells you of his ability to act out everyday events with the originality his contemporaries lacked.

His maturity as a singer and rapper manifests itself in more ways than one on ‘Twa Me Last’, which features the hiplife destroyer Castro.

Hiplife and rap can’t be anything without Quabena Jay who has survived everything from criticism to laughs after his critics believed he would not come to the top of the game.

Hiplife has definitely come to stay with Quabena Jay in the picture. In 2009, during his recent trip to Ghana, Maphia collaborated with hiplife superstars like Sakordie, Sway and Asem. CHECK OUT HIS NEW VIDEO SHOT IN GHANA FEATURING THE GODFATHER OF HIPLIFE, RIGGIE ROCKSTONE.



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