jj-rawlings2Former President, Flt Lt. Jerry John Rawlings, says he does not know the message of hope to deliver to Ghanaians in the 2012 election because of the inability of the NDC government to offer hope to the people.

In a press statement issued Wednesday, he wondered why people see his criticism of President Mills as a personality clash.

Mr Rawlings, who is also the founder of the NDC, has since 2000 endorsed the candidature of president J.E.A Mills.

He was also at the forefront of the NDC campaign trail during the 2008 general elections.

According to Mr Rawlings, “The best hope we could have given the people was to give them back the justice they lost in the previous regime. I have mentioned poor enquiries in the Mobilla and other cases and called for more thorough investigations.”

He further stated that “the sad thing is that when I criticize, they make it a Rawlings versus Mills issue.”

Mr Rawlings made these statements during a courtesy call on him by a delegation of Chiefs, Members of Parliament, Regional Ministers, DCE’s and other identifiable groups from the Upper West Region.

He expressed his gratefulness to the chiefs for sympathizing with his family “over the destruction of our residence by fire,” adding that “what pains me most is the current state of Ghana”.

“I wish I could put you back on the bus and send you to the Castle to ask the President a few questions. I do not know the message of hope he can give the people at the next campaign,” he remarked, saying that what is happening – the state of affairs in the country – is taking away the sense of hope.

He warned the Mills government would be deserted by the rank and file of the party if it does not act appropriately.

The former President said it was imperative that thorough investigations is made into all the shady deals made by the erstwhile NPP government, ensuring that the criminals are prosecuted.

”We need to wake up and let the government know what is going wrong. If we keep quiet we shall regret tomorrow for our silence. We will suffer more pain than we did in the eight years prior to 2009,” the former president insisted, adding that “the NDC derives its strength from a united people; NPP derives its strength from a disunited people,” he added.


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