jj-rawlings2…. Police At NDC Northern Region Conference

Former President Rawlings has described as uncalled for, the massive deployment of the military and police during the Northern Regional Conference of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in Tamale over the weekend.

The Conference elected new regional executives for the party and the former President says the use of the military was uncalled for and designed to intimidate.

“It created an atmosphere of tension and an impression that without that level of security there was going to be violence.”

According to the former President the employment of uniformed officers on such a scale was a relic of the past NPP administration, which did so to intimidate its opponents during elections and similar events.

The former President said: “Soldiers and police must be deployed when absolutely necessary. However the misuse of uniformed personnel anywhere, anytime in a manner designed to provoke and intimidate is cowardly and shameful.”

Former President Rawlings congratulated the Northern and Upper East Regions for successfully concluding their regional and constituency elections and commended the smoothness of the process.

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Source:Media Excel


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