rockstoneWhen the whole controversy surrounding Obrafour’s hit song ‘Kasiebo’ started the hiplife grandpapa, Reggie Rockstone’s initial comments were that such developments are healthy for competition and the industry on a whole. However a recent video insert on TV Africa’s ‘The Rundown’ with Reggie answering questions about the rise in ‘beefing’, seems to suggest that the hiplife originator may have had enough of it already.

He described Obrafour as ‘Joe Shorty’ with a short man’s syndrome and finding the need to attack whoever that is popular at a given time just to push his music. He jokingly commented that “…you need someone short to know you are tall…” adding that he doesn’t take such comments seriously.

Instead he said he was focusing on making good music so he would be around for a long time.

Perhaps as a direct response to remarks by One Pesewa on A-plus’ ‘Kokonsa Radio’ which suggested that Reggie’s rap is ‘whack’, the grandpapa agreed that perhaps his game isn’t as tight now as it was some ten years ago. Reggie however challenged current rapper to try and lay a rap that could match up to any of his best works.

With a smug on his face, he suggested that no one could. He described most of the new acts in the game as people lacking creativity but having access to making music, which often is not good enough


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