“I LOVE EDUCATION, I LOVE HELPING PEOPLE, AND I LOVE SEEING PEOPLE SUCCEED.” – Serena Williams, MISSION Co-Founder in association with the M Foundation.

Build African Schools is a US registered 501(3)(c) non- profit organization dedicated to building schools, installing electric power and providing computers and other educational equipment for children in Africa.??We raise funds for, and oversee, the construction of Primary and Secondary schools for regions of Africa where there are no educational facilities.??Our school construction program is designed to help and enable these rural communities by building these places of learning, with electricity and computers, which will form the foundation for a quality educational and ultimately to life choices and self-determination.

Current Campaign

serena williamsIn my visits to Africa, I see things that are simply not fair. Kids can’t afford to go to school because their parents can’t afford to pay $1.00 a week. What would I have done if I did not have my education? I couldn’t see these young people just not attend school and damage their future; however I understood that their parents simply don’t have the money for school.

I thought to myself as I toured Africa “what could I do?” Then I thought to myself I have finally found my calling, I finally found my love. I want this world to be a better place for tomorrow. Therefore, I am building secondary schools in Kenya and other African countries that will allow kids to attend school for free. These kids will have a chance to be the best that they can be and more. What is most important is that these kids will have a chance. That is what matters the most. So let’s serve these kids up an advantage by raising $5,000.


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