Spek Won – Indome Mafia


Spek Won is a progressive artist/producer who aims to push African sound culture, and art forward. Based in both Ghana and Toronto, this radical songsmith has fashioned a style and genre of his own through a fusion of afrobeat, reggae, and trap music. His musical influences range from Dr. Dre to Fela Kuti, and being the newest artist to come from Ras Kuuku’s Puom family tree, it’s easy to see that this Ga boy from Dome, Accra is a well rounded contender ready to take on the worlds pop charts. 


“ I’m all about sharing the experience of stage excellence and sound supremacy. I believe that the listeners and fans deserve an experience that inspires them deep in their core”, says Spek Won, who is also a studied sound engineer. 

In 2015, he independently released his solo debut album Sofa King Amazing which has gained more than 1 Million streams to date. He is currently writing and producing music for his sophomore album The ROTH, set to be released 2019, of which his first single INDOME MAFIA will be featured on.


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