ghana_nigeria_flagA Ghanaian entrepreneur, on Thursday advocated stronger ties between Ghana and Nigeria to promote trade and economic development in the two countries.

Mr Yaw Kumey, Group Chief Executive of Y.Kumey International Group Limited, who made the call, said deepening the bond of unity between the two countries would encourage investment and enable Ghana to take advantage of the huge market in Nigeria. Mr Kumey was speaking at a media interaction in Accra on Thursday, organised by the company to mark the 49th Independence anniversary of Nigeria.

He said the existence of Nigerian banks and insurance companies in Ghana was an indication of the confidence foreigners had in the Ghanaian economy and called for sustained effort to promote investment. While admitting the negative activities of some Nigerians in Ghana, Mr Kumey said every effort should be made to build on the positive aspects of Ghana-Nigeria relationship, adding that there were always bad people in every society. He stressed that it was wrong to write off all Nigerians as criminals because of the activities of a few citizens. Mr Kumey urged Ghanaian entrepreneurs to learn from the diligence and the ability of the Nigerian to take risk, especially in growing businesses.

He lauded the effort of the Nigerian High Commissioner to Ghana for his unflinching support towards boosting the bilateral relationship between the two countries.

Ms Roseline Ekeng, Chief Executive of International Energy Insurance Company, said Nigerians were ready to team up with their Ghanaian counterparts for the mutual benefit of the two countries. Nigeria has a population of more than 120 million people and presents a large market for goods and services from member countries of the Economic Community of West African States. 1 Oct 09



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