Community Leaders, Chiefs, Clergy, Faith Groups and Members of Ghanaian-African- Canadian Community

When our beloved,  H.E Mr. Kofi Annan passed, I sent a communication to our community members and recommended that we celebrate his life in Ontario. I do not need to remind you of the tremendous and memorable legacy this great man has left behind.

Mr. Annan spotlighted Ghana and Africa in a positive way and in my mind one of the few Africans who left an indelible mark on all corners of the globe.

With his funeral scheduled for Sept 13th, 2018 in Ghana, the community in collaboration with the The Ghana Consulate will be celebrating Mr. Annan’s  life in Toronto Sept 14th Friday from 7:0 pm – 10:00 pm.  The little celebration in Toronto is worth it and warranted. Let us celebrate our heroes and trailblazers

I am extending an invite to you all to join us Sept 14th Friday to watch videos, speeches, poems, cultural etc. events to celebrate his life.

There is no special dress code required but dressing in our beautiful Ghanaian or African dress radiates dignity and reverence (if you have and can)

Please let us unite and make this happen!!

Emmanuel C. Duodu

President GCAO aka Ghana Union


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