Toronto Urban Band Earthphonics, Releases Debut EP Titled “Music Is Our Language”.


Toronto very own and newest urban band Earthphonics, release their debut EP titled “Music Is Our Language”. The band has been working extremely hard in the past 12 months playing at some of the biggest venues in Toronto such as Mod club, Hershey center and living arts center to name a few and by doing so the band has been able create a strong buzz and fan base with in the city.

With anticipation building up for their debut project the band has released a 5 songs collective with a unique blend of alternative, pop and hiphop influences which offers a fresh sound to the music industry,
4 out of the 5 songs where produced by Paul J Doron the band guitarist and 1 was also collaborated with Andre Mina on the powerful song titled “pray” on the project

Earthphonics aims to be one of the top bands to emerge out of Canada in 2017, and they feel they have taken a major step in that direction with this project

Official video for “One”

About Earthphonics:

Earthphonics is a collective 5 member Electronic pop/Hip-Hop band which consist of Lead vocalist Nicki Mack, producer/guitarist Paul J Doron, songwriter AO Gorman, drummer Meran Smileyy (DADS) and Bassist Mike Baranov. These artist hail from different parts of the globe and all offer a unique musical style and talent. they live and breath this phrase “music is our language”and have hopes to share their sound with willing ears all over the world.

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