A woman holds 03 July 2007 in Accra a waU.S. Assistant secretary of the Bureau Linda Thomas Greenfield has revealed that, the united states government has reviewed the 15 year old law that will allow made in Ghana goods have access to duty free tariff in the united states . Greenfield briefed press men on the side line of the 2015 United nations general meetings in new York, United States

According to her, the united states is ever ready to trade with Ghana and other African countries as sourcing and investment destinations for international buyers of apparel, textile, leather, and home décor.

Linda hinted that the United States Agency for International Development (USAID)-supports trade expo , which is a prime opportunity to raise the profile of Ghanaian designers and manufactures, and draw investment to the region.
Through AGOA, the U.S. Government promotes African trade competitiveness, job growth, and poverty reduction. Under AGOA meeting in Gabon this year , nearly 6,400 qualifying items can be exported to the U.S. without import duties,
“The United States Government is proud to support Ghana and other African countries as they work to change perceptions about investing in Africa in order to attract the domestic and foreign investment needed to continue driving this growth,” said Linda Thomas Greenfield. “We believe in Africa.”

She concluded by stating that, her country seek Investment Hub partners with private sector and local governments to find practical solutions for trade and investment constraints, that will build awareness around opportunities for African and U.S. firms to increase trade, expand business partnerships, and invest in Africa.


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