How to get the latest news from friends and family back in Africa

You can leave your country and create a totally new life somewhere else but you cannot completely severe the connection you have with it and with the people you leave behind. On a very deep level we feel the need to keep in touch and get the latest news about the life of our friends and family. And not only that. There’s no better way to know what actually happens in your home country and get real, fresh news than by talking with the people who live there.

Technology can help us feel connected
We need to be connected and oftentimes this is hindered by the high costs of calling abroad. You don’t just want to call for a few minutes and exchange a few words. You probably want to be able to call anytime you want and spend as much time in the conversation as it feels right. It’s even nicer if you can be called anytime you want by those you know and love back home. It also gives them a sense of true connection and of peace to know that they can call you without feeling stopped by some harsh fees.
In this world filled with technology it is surprisingly little known that there is the way to go around the traditional telephone services and actually call anywhere in the world for just a few cents.

The wonder app
One way to call abroad for the lowest possible fees is through the NobelCom calling cards and their dedicated apps for smartphones. The app will generally use your data connection (WiFi or 3G) for calls and you can call anyone in the world on any type of phone. Now, some people are not so sure that the sound quality will be okay, but it is actually more than ok, it’s even better than with the traditional companies.

nobelcom.widgetYou can also place NobelCom cheap calls by calling a special access number and inserting your dedicated ID before dialing the number. This gives you a lot of freedom. You are not tied up to an Internet connection, you can call from wherever you want.
The NobelCom calling cards are even more useful to the people in Africa who want to reach you. They can also use a NobelCom calling card to call you cheaply and you pay nothing to receive their calls. You can also send some credit and recharge the calling card of your mother or father back home so it’s even easier for them to get a hold of you whenever they need it. Imagine how happy they will feel to know that even though you are very far in terms of actual distance, you are just one phone call away at all times.

The Nobel App allows you to call for just 14.4 cents back home and for even lower rates in other countries in Africa. If you were to place those calls through traditional services your phone bill would be scary, but through VoIP services like NobelCom it’s easier to use the power of the Internet to call anywhere in the world without ever worrying about the cost.


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