mahamaPresident John Mahama has counseled Ghanaians to use the social media platform, WhatsApp, productively rather than relying on it as a conveyor to circulate rumors and falsehood about people and government.

According to the President, Ghana will be a better place if Ghanaians found more lucrative ways to explore the value of social media.

Addressing some Ghanaians living in the UK, Mr. Mahama expressed regret about how some individual hide behind social media to discredit and denigrate his person and his government.

“..And then we have the addition of social media, because of the anonymity, people just fix some blatant lies and put it on WhatsApp. And sometimes they are so creative and I said these people the way they are creative if they channel this creativity into lucrative things, Ghana would not be where it is. They would create something about you and if it is not because I am myself and I know that it is not true anybody who sees it would believe it,” he bemoaned.

The President and some leading politicians are often used as butt of jokes on social media platforms especially, WhatsApp.


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