Powerhouse duo Bari Befii (@chiefvillo) and AJ Oppong (@datssoaj) have created the only platform in Toronto that is revitalizing live studio sessions, creating amazing images, mixing/producing, designing cover arts and interviewing artists on the come up to say the least. It is an artist’s one stop shop for everything they need to work on their craft and have tremendous amount of contents to share on their individual media outlets.  
Starting only a summer ago, 505 Sessions has had numerous of local artists show up to “sound their story” as their slogan goes. “There are so many talented artists in the city doing their thing” says AJ. With a platform like this, it is encouraging for an up-and coming artist in the city to know that they have a creating space that will help them project their artistry in just one setting. 
Befii says the future for 505 Sessions in endless, there are so much we are working on, we have a podcast coming soon, we are currently managing Seki, a very talented artist in Ghana, we are  creating, mixing and producing new beats for various artists. We’ve just started but the vision is clear and we are working to make a huge impact in the industry that Toronto surely desires. 
The promotional power that 505 Sessions has is only going to get greater and we can see industry representatives, A&Rs as well as record labels using to platform to search for their next superstar.
What are you waiting for, go book a @505sessions. 


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